1. val12345color

    I like this since it has my favorite colors red and black. Also, how the wave of red is flowing is beautiful! How the figure is in the right side gives it an ominous feel to this.

  2. nancydouble

    I like this picture because the lines there are stand out. The contrast between the shadow and the red really makes the shadow pop. There are different kinds of lines in the shot which is cool. -Nancy

  3. Lesley

    I like how the lines are crossed and how the figure is black in helping lead your attention that way I like how its not distracting in being so many colors but its only one. -Lesley Robles period3

  4. Americus per2

    I like how the subject is setting down on something admiring the lights that are in front of the subject. I also like the squiggly lines it really makes this photo different from other ones -Americus per2

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