Photo 2 Syllabus

Advanced Digital Photography 2020-2021

Jurupa Hills High School

Rebecca Cauchon

(909) 357-6300 ext 16336

Course Description:

This is an advanced course in digital photography, where students will explore technical, artistic, and commercial aspects of photography. Both remote learning and in class instruction will be used, and students will use cell phone photography while remote, and digital SLR cameras, flashes, and strobes when in the classroom. The course will be adapted for students while remotely learning the concepts and techniques involved in professional photography. While remote learning, applications such as Snapseed, Photopea, and Adobe Lightroom Mobile will be used for editing, as well as other applications for image editing and manipulation. When in the classroom, students will have an Adobe account, and be able to access Photoshop, Lightroom, Spark and Premiere. Students will create their own website for their photography and be encouraged to promote and market their work through social media. Real world commercial photography will be explored through virtual field trips and guest speakers, and projects will be career-based. Hands on experience will be both independent and team based.

***While we are learning remotely students will be using cellphones to photograph their projects and the camera apps to do their image editing. Students will post their assignments on their blogsites.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students will:

-Refine and improve basic techniques of image exposure,

-Proficiency with and command of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Spark, and Premiere

-Master image compositing and manipulation

-Understand how and when to use flash and studio lighting techniques to control and manipulate artificial light

-Apply vocabulary and techniques of selected alternative processes

-Identify, describe and analyze photographers, styles and genres

-Understand the relationships between multiple images and sequencing of images

-Develop knowledge of various forms of image presentation and understand the impact presentation can have on the meaning of images

-Organize selected images into a final artistic creation in conjunction with a reflective critique process in which the student is able to synthesize his/her conceptual idea, decision-making and final output.

-Create a cohesive body of exhibition quality work that collectively explores an idea or concept and be able to explain the significance of subject, form, presentation and meaning of student’s own work and the work of others.

-Have a competent website displaying their creative work and their brand

-Engage in techniques through social media to market their brand

Sample Assignments

Website Production and Maintenance

Strong Composition

Photo Series, Diptychs and Triptychs

Mirror Image and Reflections

External Flash Techniques

Portraiture: On Location and In Studio

Location Lighting

Logo Production

Posters and Graphic Design

Beauty Retouching

Advertising Photography

Self Portrait Exploration

Day in the Life of Me Photo Essay

Advanced Light Painting

Social Justice Spark Page

Photo Screenprinting


Art and Photography

Collage for a cause

Photography Careers

Social Media Marketing and Branding

What I am looking for:

Time and effort put into your projects

Interesting and creative ideas

Good technical quality

Participation and active engagement with the material discussed in class

Participation in critiques


Projects & Assignments/50%



Exams, Midterm and Finals/10%

Citizenship and Participation/10%

Students may, at any time, return to a previous lesson to add further enhancements and receive a better grade on any lesson/project with the exception of the final.

Norms for Photo Class:

*Cameras ON during class meetings

*Microphones OFF (unless you are speaking)

*Backgrounds blurred

*Dedicate the class time to your photography

*Be respectful online

*Think about your digital footprint and how it follows you

*Never, and I repeat NEVER steal anyone else’s work,and never plagiarize.

*Work hard for your grade.

*Do your photography and writing assignments and hand them in ON TIME

*Participate in class discussions

*Take care of yourself

*Eat healthy. Exercise. Get outside every day

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