1. valsm

    This is an amazing photo I really like how its black and white and its not so colorful. Also like how the lights are making a type of wavy design. And how the person looks like a brave shadow. – Valerie Moreno per.3

  2. dvalle100

    I like the way that the patterns came out and yet they are so simple, just white. The way you positioned the subject makes the picture give curiousity. Even if it is a bit blurry it is a nice picture overall.
    – Diana Valle per.4

  3. alexsemenic

    I like this picture because I like the black and white on it and the patterns that you did on it. I also like how the person is sitting and it looks like he or she is thinking about something.
    Alexis Semenic per.5

  4. nathanaelgrove

    The pattern in the background immediately draws attention. The plainness and the simplicity of the photo with the background is a cool combination. The way the subject is more of a shadow than a person is eye catching.
    Nathanael Grove, Period 4

  5. xlyssac

    This is probably my favorite photo done with the pixel stick. Everyone else, although they are nice, look the same because they are all so colorful. Except yours, and that’s what makes yours stand out and mainly why I enjoy it so much. I also like the person inside the waves and how he is positioned.
    -Alyssa C- p.3

  6. alanisthiess

    I like this photo because it stands out among the other colorful ones. It looks like the black and white waves are curtains. The photo catches your attention because you would not know this was done with a pixel stick. -Alanis Thiess p.3

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