1. jawdin123

    This picture was amazing. The way the color move. The vibrant of the color helps. Also how its center, that was good. The blur makes it seem like it’s actually moving, they captured It in a good spot. The edit too. Makes the color stand out more. Makes you eyes move with the image. Also the hallway. It gives us another path to follow with our eyes.
    It could be better if it was taken slanted maybe. Or maybe make the color stand out and the background b&w. But this picture was well taken.
    Jordan R. Evelyn N.

  2. ayyyosean

    This a great picture motion blur picture. The blanket makes the picture stand out because of the variety of colors. The blurriness of the picture gives it more of an intriguing picture. It portrays a certain radiance. It gives off a very warmth feeling. If you look at it more the subject seems to move a bit. A really nice picture.
    -Sean, Roland, Celeste

  3. sweetkarla

    This picture is really great, the colors shown on it is what makes it great. The motion blur shown in this Image is what in my opinion make it a great picture. The colors really stand out and the editing is not bad itself. most of the blur is done in the part of the sheet, which creates the image more interesting.
    What I most like about this image is the colors, they create the image more appealing. I like how the sheet is tie died and the blur in the image is done around it. In my eye I think this image could of been better if it did not have the B wing sign in the back nor the yellow sign over it.
    – Karla Licea

  4. xenapadilla

    In Dee’s picture the background should have been black & white and the flag color to make it stand out more. Although it caught our attention. They should photo shopped the b-wing sign since its like a distraction. Using the flag make an eye connect because it stands out with the bright colors. The person should of captured the photo outside with more lights to bring more attention to the flag. The motion of the flag colors make the colors looks like swirled together. Overall the picture was well captured (:
    – Xena P. , Alysha N. , Savanna P.

  5. meecheell

    In this picture, it was taken really good. We like how you can see the flag motion in the idk wind probably. The colors stand out a lot with the way it was used in the lighting. The person should’ve probably edited it a little bit better because its an orangey background and it would’ve been cool if it was black and white but the motion is colored. But overall this picture was taken good.
    -Valerie M, Michelle K, Michell P

  6. lexicamp

    This picture is amazing because the colors really grab peoples attention. The blurriness of the blanket really gives it a great effect. The way the blanket was moved was really good because you can see that its tye-dye. It doesn’t look all sloppy. The blurry colors look perfectly fine not in black and white. It is amazing that the blanket doesn’t look like a blanket. It looks more like wings on an angel.
    The creativity and effort put in to this picture made it an amazing action blur picture. It’s really an amazing picture, and we aren’t just saying that because dee is our friend.. but really it’s like damn! The moment that was capture is really something to call it a “great timing.”
    -Leslie C, Alexine C.

  7. blupita1022

    The reason why we had chosen this picture was because of the variety of colors that contrasts towards each other and creates and the shallow depth of field creates an illusions to one’s thoughts. One thing she could’ve done to improve the image is to take out the additional distractions in the background. 🙂
    -Lupita Barrera, Jessica Fierros :))))))

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