1. ariaselizabeth

    This photo shows the idea of motion blur. The subject was captured in air, causing the image to be blurred. Also the shutter speed was place low, making the image very blurred. I like how the image was put into black and white. The background is sharp, revealing that the camera was placed on a tripod. The lines on the ground create leading lines, drawing attention to the subject. The subject is also off centered, catching the viewer’s eye.
    I like the how the hallway is empty, causing the background to not interfere with the subject of the image. The lighting in this image is great and makes the picture look brighter. This is a great image because it reveals motion blur. They also captured a great expression on subject. Overall, this image shows what motion blur is.
    Elizabeth Arias, Ana Arias, Evelyn Taboada

  2. miriammacias87

    We really like this picture because the motion was caught . The way they edited the picture makes the girl stand out . They captured the moment while capturing the blur .
    The background also looks really nice . There was nothing else catching the viewers attention in the background. Also the picture was blurry , you cant see the girls face expression .
    Arianna Q, Miriam M ,Maria J

  3. lexicamp

    The timing on this picture was great. Then editing it in black and white was really good. This motion blur couldn’t have been taken another time. Our eyes concentrate more on the background. Especially how there nothing else moving but the girl. Also, it looks like the girl had the best moment. She just so happy smiling while jumping.
    The editing was amazing. The color of black and white is amazing. The lighting of the background was nice. Same with the lighting on the girl.
    Alexine C, Leslie C.

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