1. ayyyosean

    How did you make that effect? It is a really cool effect. I like how there is an various illusions of the girl. You made her stand out more with the illusions and the pink that you added. Overall it is a great picture.
    -Sean A.

  2. gizeller22

    In Alysha’s photo we see that it’s well edited with color of magenta pink. It looks like her subject was in motion twirling in place capturing a blurry image. You can tell that her shutter speed was slow because of the position the person was moving. You can see her face expression which looks like she kind of dizzy. The picture was very well photo shopped. The person is off centered and the lighting looks really well you can say they had a really good ISO in order to get a clear picture. Overall this is a very nice and great picture.
    – Jackie O. , Emily R. & Gizelle R.

  3. jazminesphotos

    By: Jazmine, Alondra, Abby Period.6\
    The pinkish look to the photo makes it more abstract and eye catching, it makes it look like she’s glowing. You captured her motion very good you can feel the motion when looking at this picture. I like the face expression on the subject. There is one diagonal line going across the floor the subject is also off centered catching the eye. All Around Good Shot!!

  4. serickr

    BY Erick Suarez
    I really liked the effect the you made on the photo, I also think that you really captured the moment. I think if you would of have made it white and black it would of look more attractive.

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