Monday, August 18

Photo 1

-Quiz on Exposure

-Digital Workflow

-Work on and complete entire Texture assignment. Due Tuesday

Photo 2

-Shoot for 100 Photos Assignment edited in Lightroom. Post 10-20 on your blog and your top few, add to your website. Due Wednesday

-Watch one of the Lightroom video tutorials on Adobe TV. On your blog, write a two paragraph reflection about what you learned about Lightroom tools and techniques.

Due Wednesday

-Continue to work on developing your website on


Look at some of the All About Me pages

-Interview Assignment

Think of 20 great questions to interview a new friend. Find someone in the class who you DO NOT know. Ask them your 20 questions and then on word write a 3 paragraph interview story about your new friend. Take a photo of them and upload that EDITED photo to Yearbook Ave in the  Yearbook Class folder within the Clubs and Organizations/Yearbook Folder. DUE WEDNESDAY

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