Friday, August 15

Digital Photo 1

Demo on Basic Image Editing in Photoshop

Edit all 5 Texture photos you shoot yesterday. Post your best 2 photos. Title the post “Texture Assignment”. Include technical info: f-stop, shutter speed, ISO and Camera Mode in the caption area when posting.

Find one great photo online and write a 10 sentence writing critique about that internet photo. Make a new post called Texture Writing Critique for your Internet photo and writing critique.

Critique Writing

 Digital Photo 2

Publish your website and give me the link to it TODAY!!

Email me your Inspirational Slideshow by the end of the period, or put it in my flashdrive

Continue to shoot for assignment one 100 photos edited in Lightroom. Post 5-10 photos on your blog in your first post of the year. Include at least two of the photos on your new website. DUE ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 19


Discussion: What makes a good page spread layout??

Finish ALL ABOUT ME Page Spreads. Due at the end of the period for credit. If you are not done, you get a zero!

Next week:

Interview a new friend and present to the class (20 questions)

Begin to work on first yearbook spreads.

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