1. dvalle100

    This picture is really well composed in the fact that the subject was blended with the book. The colors went well together and worked out great in the end. The subject being in the center also makes the picture appear bolder.
    -Diana Valle per.4

  2. annaaiiss23

    This picture is perfect. The tone of the lady’s skin on the book and on Arleen is almost the same. I like how you changed the eye to look like the books eye.

    -Genesis Esquivel (GMoney) P.2

  3. nathanaelgrove

    This picture is great; not only does the subject line up with the book perfectly, but the subject matches the color of the book amazingly. Even the eye matches! Great picture, well composed!
    Nathanael Grove, Period 4

  4. Oscar

    The coloring is intense. Especially the eyes. They match up with those in the book. This is well composed photograph.
    -Oscar Gonzalez per.4

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