I chose Mr. Camberos as my favorite teacher because he was a really cool teacher when I had him last year. To this day I still pass by to say hi every once in a while. He has a cool and funny sense of humor when he is teaching. He is not a serious teacher, which I always liked because I knew he wouldn’t be strict or anything. He is kind and will always help you if you need it, but at the same time he jokes around, which made the class fun.
He is a funny person to be around and not your average teacher. I remember when I used to be in his class last year he was never a serious teacher and also made the class laugh.


  1. kyannah2003

    I like how your like the only person who put their picture black and white. I also like how he is doing an odd expression, something that not a lot of people did. inally I like how he is ready a book in the photo.-Kyannah Flores

  2. AngelG64

    This is a nice picture because it is black and white. He looks like he is a fun teacher to have and he would mess around a lot.– Angel Gutierrez Per.6

  3. mikhael0

    I like that the picture was put in black and white. I like that the teacher isn’t looking directly at the camera. I also like that the teacher is doing something in the picture.

  4. mmerlos

    My favorite part about this image is that you put the image in black and white. I also like how you didn’t make the subject look directly at the camera instead you captured a moment as to when he was reading. I also like how his face expression isn’t simple. -Mariana Merlos P.2

  5. sberenoxe

    I like this picture because it puts the subject in a mysterious symbolic stand. I also like that the subject is holding a book that improvises to our future jobs. Overall, this picture stood out to me based on the book he is reading. -Leslie R.

  6. anddrea

    This picture is very cool. I like how just by viewing this picture you can get a glimpse of his personality and emotions even with the black and white. Also, the way the book was involved is also very cool. -Andrea Lopez Pd 3

  7. 110899nick

    I like this photo because it really captures how Mr. Camberos is. For the short time I had him in senior seminar I would say this captures him. -Nicholas Period 4

  8. pessica

    I like this photo because Camberos is such a great model and he really knows how to work the camera. His pose gives a great vibe and the way the person edited the photo, just makes this image perfect. Jessica Perez P.5

  9. diego782

    I like the fact that the picture looks really goofy really different than the other ones. The black and white coloring also makes it look really cool. The photo is very creative.

  10. wisker

    I like his half closed eye it kind of makes him seem like he got confused on something or maybe that he has a few words to say to the author plus the black in white gives it a weirdly moody tone to a light hearted image.-Gio

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