Mrs. Dabney is one of the very very few teachers that I can genuinely say I appreciate and like so much here at Jurupa Hills. She is so genuine, kind, caring. One moment I will never ever forget was the first real impression she made on me is when I was having a really bad day and she had seen that I was. She took the time to come up to me after helping other students to ask me if I was feeling ok reassuring me that I was able to come up and talk to her whenever I felt I needed it. In that single moment I started to see her true character in what kind of teacher she was, which was caring. By genuine I mean the little things she does to help others and myself is all because she honestly wants to be there, she doesn’t get paid to care and she is always there so that tells me that she is a very real loving character which is what I can appreciate more than anything.
Sam C.

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  1. anna

    I Know she’s a Caring.sentimental, fun loving daughter that has known she was going to be a teacher since she was a toddler.. MOM

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