The teacher I chose was Mrs. Robb. She is an English 9 teacher that is very dedicated to her job in teaching. She helps out students should they ever have trouble in something. She even goes over the topic again if her students have trouble understanding it. Even when it’s up to the students themselves to answer, she’ll always give hints to the answer by reminding them of what they learned in a few words. She does care for her students and does believe they can succeed if they do put the effort in. She also has a sense of humor sometimes and shares her life lesson stories with us when we do have the time. When adding the details from her stories, it can be realized just how caring she can be. She does have her rules, but if you follow them properly, she is quite nice. She does have strict deadlines for her assignments, but the times she gives are more than enough. In an example of how caring she can be, she has once told us of being a jury. She told the class how she believed in telling the truth. (something along the lines of it, at least or not) She also led the topic when it was time for the jurors to discuss, which showed how much of a leader she was when it came to that point. She also has sense of humor, but we usually see it the most whenever the class is free or if it’s a free day. In all, she is a very honest teacher that cares for her students that helps them all the way, a teacher in a very orderly fashion. Joseph

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