1. ogtrinityy

    I really like how you have your own style and the collage is wonderful. It’s very colorful and that’s what makes this collage stand out from the rest of the collages. -Trinity B.

  2. ptmpeque

    I really like this picture because you did a really good job in expressing yourself and your thoughts threw the image choices you did. Your background was a very good detail because I feel like it brings the whole picture together and it compliments all the pictures very well.

  3. payner1

    Your collage is really well done, I like the variety of music and how they overlap each other. I also enjoy how popped out everything is there really isn’t any blank space. – Payne Ruiz

  4. marsxss

    I like your use of creativeness and how everything in your collage blends perfectly together. I also like the underground bands you put in your collage. – Marlene Rodiles

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