Letters to Next Years Photo Students

Hey future new students of digital photography;

I want to talk about what I liked the most in this class: I think the best thing is when you figured out how to use the camera because you get to take the photos the way you imagined before. At the beginning it can be really hard to get good exposures but as you start taking more pictures you get better. Also I think you would like this class a lot because as you learn you also have fun. And most of the assignments are nos as that hard as they can seem. Once you start doing them they are very easy to accomplish. I am not sure if there was something I didn’t like to do in this class. I mean the presentations were not my favorite thing to do but at the end they wasn’t that hard.

When you get to the end of the semester don’t stress out the final is not hard if you pay attention to the review and to the class in general. Also something that counts as a project is your portfolio which is really easy to do because you only put your best work all together, and all the class gets to see the best pictures you took. also you can get comments on your work which I think really helps yo to get better.

I think that the best advice I can give you to have a good grade and enjoy this class is to don’t let everything for the last minute because even though the assignments are pretty easy you can end up with bad pictures that you don’t like but you have to stick with them because you don’t have more time to take a better shoot. I hope this doesn’t happens to you because you will also have more than enough time finish the assignments. and if you do ran out of time then I don’t know what to say you because Ms. Cauchon gives enough time for you to be able to take good photos and edit them.

I hope this helps you through this new journey.

Sofia      https://sofhc11.edublogs.org/2019/05/15/portfolio-2/



Welcome next year photographer, in this class you’ll be learning about the evolution of photography and other stuff. Our teacher Mrs. Cauchon is a brilliant teacher that is there for you if you need help. I really enjoyed being in photo 1. It was the greatest class i ever took. I had friends that was also in that class so that’s what made it fun too i guess. The technology in that class can be like a couple year old but you still have to be careful with it.

So in photo 1 you’ll be having so much fun because the assignment in that class is so fun to do. But like in the first two weeks of the class you’ll just be learning about the different types of mode in a camera have and how its use for. But once you get your first assignment just think big! Get creative with it so you can get a chance to be in the school class blog as the best looking assignment. My favorite assignment in photo class has to be “am i taking to myself” like you could have a big imagination on creating a image.

The assignments that I never liked was the read & write assignments. Like I just get tired of doing those assignment. I would most likely if she would add more fun assignments to do. Once you start learning how to edit photos you’ll even probably get more interested in learning about photography, like photography isn’t just taking photos like you have a creative mind to do something work such as photography like the famous photographer didn’t just took photos and got famous. They had to think and picture how the image will turn out before you’ll start doing actual work.

Manuel    http://manueldepaz0.edublogs.org/author/manueldepaz0/



For all of the newbies in photography, this class is an amazing class! You will be able to learn a lots of new things. There are so many techniques and softwares to achieve a perfect picture so you better pay attention. When I entered this class my pictures weren’t as great as my fellow classmates, but sooner or later I ended up getting the hang of it. You’re going to have a really great time in this class. One of the funnest things that you get to do is make your own blog. I also ended up making a photography account on Instagram so go check me out (@lens_queen.xx)! I am able to post all of my pictures and soon you will too. If your work is really great Mrs. Cauchon will post it on the class blog for everyone to see. The most difficult part of the year for me was learning how to use Lightroom. But luckily my friends were able to lend me a hand and help me out. Mrs. Cauchon is a great teacher and if you ask politely for her assistance she would gladly help. Good Luck next year!

Daisy     http://lensqueen.edublogs.org/


Digital Photography is a very fun and easy class. When I signed up for it I did because I thought it was just gonna be an easy class that I could just get over with and get the credits. But when I started doing some work in here I ended up really liking it and I learned so much and not just on how to use a camera but I learned a lot about art and editing on the computer.

One of my favorite things to do in this class is the editing. The editing is really fun and you can do anything to the picture that you have taken. But actually taking the picture is the most fun. There is a lot of stuff to love in this class but there is also some stuff that not everybody likes. For example the assignments that have little to do with photography like the mandalas. I disliked the mandalas because it was a really boring assignment.

Some advice that I can give the future digital photography students is on the difficulty on the work. If one day you find yourself having a difficult time completing an assignment maybe it is because you are thinking about it to much. These assignments are easier if you just go along with it without thinking about it.

Dr. Diego  http://drdiegosblog.edublogs.org/


I have been wanting to take photo since freshmen year of high school, but I wasn’t able to because I had art 1. Then sophomore year came, and I had art 2, and I did not want to take it so I tried to ask for photo, but my counselor would not let me. Finally, this year I was able to take it and I am so glad because it is one of my favorite classes ever. I truly love photography and taking pictures and this class has taught me how to use a camera, which is something I’ve been wanting to learn for the longest time ever. I’m so excited for next year when I take photo 2 next year.

Really the only thing that I guess I don’t like is that there are a lot of assignments given at once and it is really easy to fall behind. That’s not really a problem for me but I know for some it can be. It’s a fun class but the workload can be overwhelming. That’s really the only downside.

I think an improvement for next year is that some assignments need a bit more time than others. Especially the ones that need more editing done in Photoshop. Sometimes the amount of time that we get for assignments is a bit too short and I when this happens I feel that I rush my work and its not my best. Really that’s it.

Johann  http://johannsblogs.edublogs.org/


Dear Next Year’s Photo Students,
You may be surprised when I tell you that Photo 1 was my favorite class this year, at the time I am writing this. I mean, I was surprised. Honestly, you don’t realize it yet, but you’ve got a great opportunity right in front of you, and I would argue that you have an even bigger responsibility to fulfill your potential in here. This class fives you something that the others don’t, and that’s the opportunity to really express yourself. I have come to learn in my year being here that photography is one of greatest outlets for self-expression that there is. Whatever you feel, put it into your work with love and attention. This sounds wishy-washy I know, but it’s important because it’s true, follow that piece of advice and you’ll end up being the most successful photographer in the room, and then the rest will come. Being a good photographer doesn’t exactly spell out success, it’s about being a good person that is what’ll make you successful.

Ali  http://aali12.edublogs.org/


Ms. Cauchon is my favorite teacher for many reasons. One of the reasons is that this woman brings a type of energy you want to have around. You will never see her mad or upset . She is so kind and warm hearted and also very funny. She is always open to opinions and will never judge somebody . Mrs. Cauchon is beautiful not just on the outside but on the inside. . Anyone who meets her is lucky to meet a wonderful person like her and I thankful for having the chance to meet her and having her as a teacher . This is why Mrs. Cauchon is my favorite teacher.

jonathan lopez p.3