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  1. Alison Stone

    Hi Rebecca,
    I have really enjoyed looking at your personal website and your website for teaching. I am developing a high school photography program at Pinecrest Academy. I have found your photo lessons inspiring and thought provoking and I was wondering if I might have permission to use some of your ideas for project ideas? I teach digital imaging 1 and advanced photo at the same time and often find myself torn between teaching both at the same time. I think that posting assignments in a blog formate would help to keep my students focused. May I use some of your project ideas for my own students as well as adapting your grading rubric? I am going to start my own blog and have my students have blog, as well. I will send them to your site to look at the class blogs to get some ideas as far as how to start blogging. Thank you for inspiring me as I work on my yearly plan!
    Alison Stone

  2. Anonymous


    Incredible work on this blog! I’ll be borrowing some of your ideas when I teach digital photo at East Lansing High School (Michigan) for the first time. Thank you so much!


  3. Anonymous

    I teach Digital Photography at John Glenn High School (California) and your lessons are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  4. jtown1081

    I’m a photo teacher with 40 plus years in the classroom and I’m constantly searching for inspirational sites as I set up projects and ideas for the upcoming school year. Your blog has been a gold mine of tremendous ideas! Thanks so much for posting.
    John Townsend

  5. loganphoto

    Love your blog. Very inspiring. This is my first year teaching photo. I was wondering about how you put your students’ work in your posts. Do you put each one in on your own, or do they link from their sites? I really want to make my site work. Thank you!

  6. siobhan wright

    Thank you for making this public! I hope you don’t mind if I borrow some of your lessons. I will give you full credit on my web page. So much work has gone into this my students and I sure appreciate it.

  7. Darren Shaver

    I can only echo the sentiments of my colleagues above. Your site is helping me tremendously and I hope you don’t mind others appropriating your assignments for use in our course. Thanks for all you do for the kids.

  8. Anonymous

    Your student’s work speaks volumes of your inspirational teaching and interesting fun lessons. Thank you so much for posting this publicly. I am a Photo teacher always looking for interesting digital projects since they took out my darkroom, and I am full time digital (with no cameras!). I hope you wont mind if I adopt and adapt some of these for my classes…? Love the silhouette stories!
    Many Thanks,

  9. Tony Malo


    I stumbled upon your website last year and it has been a fantastic resource for my Digital Media program. I really appreciate you having this public, as there are few organized resources as you have here. I hope you are okay with my adopting some of these for my class.

    Have a great year.

  10. Ilna van Schalkwyk

    Rebecca, I started to implement photography at my school this year. Somedays barely one step before the undertaker………
    to look at your resources is pure joy and I think age appropriate which will help immensely to get students connected.
    Together with starting to implement photo, also first time doing Gimp with y.10 (as we now have full classet)
    I needed a plan to set an assessment for their upcoming exam. Your idea of “choose vacation with props” was such a blessing for me to bump upon as we’ve only done a little bit of colour manipulation and resizing of images.
    As I am a novice to marking photo related work (were mostly painting before) I wondered if you have a marking rubric / criteria for this task.
    Can it be to look at principles of design – they have to consider symmetrical balance / emphasis etc with the layout? Colour – contrast or complimentary ?
    Thank you for sharing your work, it fueled my enthusiasm , ideas for resources and I think gave me a bit more confidence in myself that I will manage to pull it of to teach my students work of value. And that i will survive my first year of doing this new thing … πŸ™‚

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