Photos of the Week

Oct 25-29, 2022

Photo 1: Candid Moments / Photo 2 and IB Photo: Scavenger Hunt


  1. Noemi

    my favorite is Nathan and Kiana because its well edited and I just like how Nathan captured the moment also I like how Kiana made the purple color popped. – Noemi Guerrero

  2. nnnatalieee

    My favorite picture was Jessica’s because I like how it was caught in the moment also how concentrated she looks and how she didn’t have a clue she was getting a picture taken.

  3. Anonymous

    My favorite photo has to be valeries because its a in the moment picture which i really like. – Nathan Cabanas period 2 (forgot to put my name)

  4. joceblogs0302

    My favorite photo is the purple crayon and how they scribbled he color and how the bright color pops out and how the photo shows texture and a bright brightness
    -joceline torres

  5. cxll

    I liked jessica’s picture because she really captured an “in the moment” photo while the girl was really focused while making her ceramics work smooth.

  6. eliasvlog

    I liked Jessica’s picture because she got someone focusing on her work without the person noticing she was taking a picture of them. I think she did an awesome job.

  7. Kristy - HS Sterner

    Hi! I am currently in a grad class where we are discussing interesting/engaging student blog projects. I came across this blog, and it is such a great way for students to showcase their photography skills! I love how students also comment on their weekly favorite with a justification for their selection. It seems like a wonderful way to promote communication between students. Great job! Here is the link to my blog discussing your student project:

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