1. Robbin Hurt

    This cute I like how you blended the colors to make it look like you were part of the painting. Robbin Hurt p.2

  2. stephda17

    Put yourself in history, and even made the picture your own. It’s a funny twist on a historic painting. Face is very well blended. -Stephanie p.6

  3. ohhdiana

    this is a great picture. I really like the concept since its a historical painting but you made it silly. the blending is also very good. -Diana olivos

  4. johnthewhale

    @moisesnava99 you are disrespecting her by making a comment that is irrelevant and then you have the nerve to rate it an 8 when in reality its a 10000000000/10 tbh your an 8 or should I say all you do is h8!!! lmfao

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