1. geneviep

    Amazing photo. This photo look like an original, it really came out realistic. Great job matching skin tones and lighting. – Genevie Perez

  2. valsm

    Really love how this can be pulled off as you. Great job matching on lighting amazing photo. One of my favorites. – Valerie Moreno per.3

  3. mmerlos

    I like how you blended the image. The way you blended your face into the image made this look realistic. Also the composition of your face matches the body. This image came out really good. -Mariana

  4. stephda17

    Your face is blended in the picture very well. Looks s if your face was originally in that picture. Perfectly matched the color of the original picture.

  5. anddrea

    I really like this photo because of how realistic it looks. Very good job putting the pictures together and making it look so real. – Andrea Lopez Pd.3

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