1. xlyssac

    This photo is one of my favorites because of its color. Adding a tint of blue makes the picture come off with a different meaning and I enjoy that. Overall, this photo is very good.
    -Alyssa C- p.3

  2. sberenoxe

    This photograph is like a resemble of peace in my opinion. The adding of the blue tint made the picture stand out with a different textual meaning. Overall, the picture is a typical mysterious meaning to it. -Leslie R

  3. miamillerx

    I like this picture because I was there when he took it. He made it look incredible with the editing because you never would have thought the picture would’ve came out like this. Very different, very cool.

  4. emisandoval

    This photo stands out to me because of its unique composition. The blue tint of the photo sets it apart from the other photos and adds a mysterious feeling to it. Overall it is a great shot.

  5. Lesley

    I like how the photo is very cool toned and blue and how at first glance its hard to tell what it is it helps capture the attention. -Lesley Robles period3

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