1. uarias

    I really like how soft the lighting is. The sharpness of the image also helps bring attention to the image. The shallow depth of field adds to the great composition. Great job.
    -Ulises Arias Period4.4

  2. Noemi

    I really love this picture. I like how you got the shallow depth of field. It looks really nice, and I also like how you kept it in color.- Noemi Marquez p.6

  3. emisandoval

    This picture has good composition because it has a very warm vibe to it. I like that it shows the texture really well. This is a great shot overall because of it’s simplicity. -Emi Sandoval per.3

  4. geneviep

    Love this photo so much. It’s really pretty and you are able to see the texture of her lips and creases. Love the lighting as well, gives the photo a warm glow.
    -Genevie Perez

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