1. pessica

    This photo is aesthetically pleasing to me. I think its her skin tone and the color of the knitted material that makes this photo blend so well together. Amazing work. Jessica Perez P.5

  2. geneviep

    Love the color of the shirt or sweater. The color really gives the photo a pretty contrast. Love the emphasis on the texture of the knitted sweater.
    -Genevie Perez

  3. emisandoval

    This is a great shot. The defined collar bone definitely adds emphasis to the shot. The balance between the clothing and amount of skin showing is well balanced which gives great meaning to the picture. Overall great shot. – Emi Sandoval per. 3

  4. Angel

    I love the shot you chose, because it is asymmetrical. Also I like that the shoulder isn’t the thing that is in focus. The sweater is a nice color to compliment the person’s skin.

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