My favorite teacher is MRS.B. I pick her because she help me a lot in school and outside of school. When I needed help in math. I ask her for help and she was kind of enough to help me. Whenever I need in help in school I know I can go for her help.

Even though I never had her as teacher. But I had a chance to know her as a soccer coach. She very helpful in the team. Whenever I have idea or other point of view of the decision the make for the team. I know that I can always tell them how I feel about it.

She also a very great person. she very nice and goofy. The goofy part makes practice fun. without the fun part in practice. Then practice will be boring.


  1. annaaiiss23

    I really like this picture because her facial expression. Her expression is so original and funny. She is also a great teacher and coach as well.

    -Genesis Esquivel P.2

  2. anglelina Diaz

    I really enjoy this photograph of ms.B. the reason why I like this picture is because of her facial expression. I also like the composure and highlights in it. -Angelina diaz

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