For this assignment I decided to go back to my freshman year of high school. As a freshman you are new to this high school environment and do not really know your way around this big campus. I was told by my siblings who came to this school, that Mr. Davis is a senior teacher who teaches Economics here at Jurupa. I remember my mind immediately going to how strict he might be due to him being a senior teacher. My freshman year he was teaching Economics and a class known as Algebra Essential.
Mr. Davis is one of the most caring teachers here at Jurupa. Although I did not have him for the full year, we stayed in his room. If he was there, the class would be filled with positive energy. He is such a caring person, I remember him telling us on the first week of school that if we ever needed to talk about anything he would be there for us. Since my classes are near his room, if he was outside when I passed by I would always say hi to him. He is such a great teacher, he has helped me become a better student. Whenever he would give us homework I remember not wanting to do it because I did not know how to solve any of the problems, but when I asked for help he would do his best to make sure when I left that classroom, I knew how to complete those types of problems. He has a huge heart when it comes to his students. He takes the time to help each of his students out if they are having any trouble.
I admire him because he has helped me become the students that I am today. If it wasn’t for Mr. Davis, I would probably have to retake IM1 during summer school. I did not like Math because I never really understood how to solve each problems that were given to me in IM1. Without his class and his help, I wouldn’t have gotten a B in that class. Mr. Davis is a very inspiring person. He has taught me that if I want to achieve something I have to go out of my way to achieve it. I am a very shy person, he has taught me that if I don’t ask for help, I will never be able to find the solution. Now I ask my teachers for help if I am confused on a problem. He has helped shape me into a better student.


  1. val12345color

    I just really like how he’s holding the banana like a gun XD.
    Also how the picture is just all about the teacher is the best thing because it just focuses on him. Another thing is that I like how the board is out of focus.

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