Mrs. McCoy is my favorite teacher. She always makes me laugh and always makes fun of me. We just have a good bond, and overall she just an amazing soul to be around. The plus side is she good at teaching chemistry.


  1. kyannah2003

    I like how she is doing what she teaches. I also like how you cant tell you used flash. Lastly the periodic table in the back makes us feel like we are in her class room. Good job.-Kyannah Flores

  2. acamberos

    This is a really cool picture. I like how she is the only teacher doing what she teaches. I also like how she is not centered and you are able to capture more of the class. -Anthony Camberos p.3

  3. mkris

    I like this picture because they caught her in action of when she’s teaching chemistry. This is also a good portrait picture because she has good lighting. I really like this picture overall.

  4. mikhael0

    Mrs.McCoy is one of my best teacher because she always smiles, we respect her because she never say any thing bad for us, and teach us in interesting class.

  5. mmerlos

    My favorite part about this image is that you captured a good moment. As she was doing a lab you caught her smiling enjoying what she loves. I also like how you didn’t center her in the middle and you also added the Periodic Table in the background to show how she loves chemistry. -Mariana Merlos P.2

  6. nancydouble

    I really like this image because the teacher is doing something within her field of teaching. She’s doing something instead of standing there. She went and grabbed a beaker and goggles.-Nancy

  7. ldelcid3

    This picture catches my eye because shes just not standing there, she’s actually doing what she does. You can tell that she is a chemistry teacher. Her expression shows how much she loves her job so thats why its a great picture. -lisa Del Cid per.3

  8. anddrea

    This photo is really unique compared to the others. I like the way that the teacher is giving a picture of what she does as a teacher. This is a great picture overall. – Andrea Lopez Pd 3

  9. uarias

    I really like this picture because you were able to capture her in her element. I also like how she is off-centered. It helps the composition. The only thing i would change is only have the periodic table in the background. But overall great job.
    -Ulises Arias Period.4

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