1. Daniel Carpio

    IT looks like a crazy light show it gives the viewer the feeling of just being happy looking at these bright colors.

  2. kyannah2003

    I really like this photo because it doesn’t look like you used wand. I like all the different colors you put in it. I also like how in the middle all of the different colors collide. -Kyannah Flores

  3. AngelG64

    This one is cool because it looks different then the other painting with light. It looks like something in a movie. I just really like it because it looks cool. —– Angel Gutierrez Per.6

  4. rdenz

    This has to be one of my favorite painting with light photo. The energy from this photo is filled with so much joy since there are so many different colors. I like how it looks like lasers shooting all over the place, really catches the eye.

  5. rgarcia26

    i like how it looks like a bunch of lasers going everywhere. i also like that you didn’t use the wand for the pic.It’s composed of many colors coming together in different patterns which truly defines the quality of it.

  6. Angel

    I love the amount of color that there is in this. There is a lot of movement happening and you captured that energy well. Also i like that there is so much color in the middle, the light won’t allow any more color to be seen.

  7. jzeus10169

    This picture seems like there was a lot of thought to the picture. One of the things that I loved was that there was a lot of different colors. This was one the best of the ones I seen. πŸ™‚ – 150919

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