1. Daniel Carpio

    It looks really nice how the light doesn’t go over the subject but does overlap into her hair keeping a focus on her with the lights.

  2. valsm

    This photo is really nice since it has so many colors around the subject. And the subject is position in the middle where it comes to stand out. Also how the lights look like its just circling around. – Valerie Moreno per.3

  3. mmerlos

    I really like this image because you of how you added many colors in the background. I also like how you added light into the subjects hair. It makes her stand out. -Mariana Merlos P.2

  4. jzeus10169

    This picture seems like there was a lot of thought to the picture. One of the things that I loved was that there was a lot of different colors. This was one the best of the ones I seen. πŸ™‚ – 150919

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