1. karenphotos

    This picture has very good lighting on both subjects. The colors all go together with the flag. I like the thought of taking a picture with the flag. -Karen ferreyra

  2. valsm

    Like how the idea of bringing in the flag into the picture. Also the way the camera angle was set up. Love how the light in on her with the flag nice photo. -Valerie Moreno per. 2

  3. mmerlos

    This picture is very interesting and unique on how you used the flag as a prop as well. Also great composition on the coloring you used. I like how you were very creative with your camera and using a different angle. – Mariana Merlos

  4. jordant1515

    This photo looks really nice. The expression is good and helps the composition. The flag helps to add a certain look to the photo that looks cool. -Jordan Thompson

  5. fredo520

    I really like the colors of the photo. The flag is blue, white, & red. She is also wearing the same color, you would thing it wouldnt look good but somehow it does. Alfredo Saldana

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