Mr. Skinner is an astronomy and geology teacher. I have his class for astronomy. He loves rocks, he’s actually holding one of his favorite rocks in this picture. He also has these cool glasses he calls his “super duper glasses” and they light up! You can see how passionate he is about what he teaches, he knows so much about space and earth. I have him first period and he usually always welcomes each of us with a “Good morning” or “Please take out your notebooks” as were walking into his class. Most of the time it seems like he’s in a really good mood. Mr. Skinner is a great teacher and also really kind. He likes to share about his past experiences and their quite interesting. I consider Mr. Skinner as my favorite teacher because he is really passionate about what he teaches and you can see that he loves teaching us about astronomy and geology. Litsy


  1. patton99

    I love the way this photo looks. Mr. Skinner looks just so amusing and it makes me laugh whenever I look at it. Great job!
    – Nicholas Patton

  2. michellc

    I really like how this came out, seems like he is coming out the classroom and quickly posed for a picture. Another thing I like how happy he looks in this photo.
    Michelle C. P.2

  3. jazming21

    You really captured what Mr. Skinner is he is an amazing teacher that loves rock. I love how it immediately he is the only thing that catches our eye, and I like how the background came out dark. Great Job.-Jazmin Garcia p2

  4. marsxss

    I like how you captured this picture with some really good lighting. And his pose is A1 good job litzy 😉 – Marlene Rodiles P.6

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