Mr. Griffin is my favorite teacher because he introduced me to this amazing thing called drama and we grew pretty close throughout my high school years. even though I did one show for him we still have a really good friendship. He taught me how to break out of my comfort zone. To be a good actor or actress you to be able to do something that you are not quite comfortable with. He is one of the best teachers her at Jurupa Hills. He just puts a big smile on your face whenever you come across him. His shows are amazing! He puts together really good shows that make you cry, laugh, and sometimes upset but, they’re the best. I’m really going to miss him when I graduate. He has done a lot for me and I really appreciate it. Justyn


  1. erickm99

    This photograph is truly amazing, the lightning of the subject is particularly intriguing, and considering the background he is just greatly emphasized. Awesome job!
    – Erick Mendoza, period 6

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