Here we have the lovely Ms. Cauchon. Words simply can’t describe how much I appreciate her for teaching how to properly use a camera and edit. I for a long time have loved taking pictures and always wanted to take them professionally with an actual camera other than my phone. I have learned so much and now I properly know how to take an actual photograph and edit it to my liking. I honestly wish I came to her class sooner. Every single day I look forward to coming to take and edit photos. It makes me so happy to work on assignments that I took/made myself. For that and many more reasons is why Ms. Cauchon is my favorite teacher. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like her. She’s just absolutely amazing. I love you Ms. Cauchon! Thank you! :)♥ Hanah

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  1. bhrose

    Her pose is really cute, and I like the heart that she’s making. This picture also has very nice lighting. -Haila Rosero p2

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