1. stayhappynotcrappy01

    I like your collage, it seems we have similar interests in music, shows and movies. Your taste in music varies from Ed Sheeran to Suicidal Tendencies. For your taste in movies and shows The Nightmare Before Christmas and That 70’s Show are one of my favorite movies and shows.

  2. findyourwings

    The wide range of music interest caught my eye. The use of a black background is something I didn’t really like. Something more colorful would make it even better for me.
    – Jose Aguirre Per. 4

  3. gabriel7741

    We have similar interests in music, shows and movies. Music genres from rock Nirvana and Rap Kendrick Lamar.That 70’s Show is one of my favorite shows. The red pears are my favorite band from ska shows in Fontana where they mostly performed.- Gabriel Santana

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