1. nadiaxoxo

    I really like how your picture comes together. Its really cute and it really shows the things you like. That Arabic writing looks super cool what does it mean ? – Nadia Muro

  2. floresorellana

    I really liked this collage because it has a lot of beautiful colors and images. I also like this collage because it was very creative and its beautiful. Your collage is amazing and I also enjoy many things you enjoy! Its a beautiful collage!

  3. erickm99

    I really liked this collage as you really put your personality and beliefs into it, and is very creative. I loved the way you in which you incorporated various icons/symbols from popular media, such as YouTube, as well as religious symbols such as the star and crescent, and Palestine’s and Puerto Rico’s flag. The way in which everything is unified into one big piece with the universe as the background is really creative. Great job!

    -Erick Mendoza

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