First assignments:

1. Make a blogsite with edublogs. https://edublogs.org/   Join the class blog, select a template, and design your site layout and design,

2. Read the following link and write 25 sentences reviewing what you learned about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and camera modes. As your first blogpost, copy and paste in your sentences from Word.


3. Play around with the camera simulator and learn how to use the camera controls. Then practice with the camera in the classroom.


4. FIrst photo shoot:  TEXTURE

Go outside in brighter light and photograph 5 photos that show texture. Put your ISO at 200, and meter the scene to get the correct exposure. Shoot on Manual metering and manual focusing. Set white balance to auto and make sure you are shooting in jpeg format.

Put your photos in a folder on your h drive:  DIGITAL PHOTO>TEXTURE ASSIGNMENT

Edit your photos in Photoshop with IMAGE ADJUSTMENTS and post 3 of your texture photos to your blogs. INCLUDE THE TECHNICAL INFORMATION: aperture, shutter speed, iso, camera mode

FInd one photo online which shows amazing texture. Write a two paragraph critique explaining why you think this is such a successful photograph- compositionally and technically, and why you chose it.

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