1. Mellissa Patton & Alexis Riddlespriger

    This photo was captured with great intention and the concept was good. The post processing was well done and it helps to successfully add contrast to the already interesting photo. The photographer seems to have a caught an exciting moment and convey a somewhat excited overall tone to the image. The angle that the photographer is at adds a nice aspect to the jump. The action being captured from a lower angle is appealing to the eye.

    The only issue is that although the concept of the photo is great, the technical aspect of the camera itself, and the positioning of the sun in comparison to the photographer contain a few flaws. The sun adds a glare that could have probably been avoided by shooting from a different angle facing towards the right. Another slight technical error is that because the shutter speed seems slightly slow, the subject is blurred around the edges and on key areas. The overall composition of the photo in addition to the post processing is well done. There are a few technical errors; however, this photo is successful in achieving what it was meant to.

  2. amitylodevico

    Amity, Teresa, Ngozi Per. 5
    The photograph effectively captures the subject. What truly stands out is the fact that he looks like he’s flying in mid air. It adds dramatic affect. The black and white contrast and leading lines really emphasizes the background. The picture is in sharp motion as both the subject and background are clearly visible.
    His black shirt puts emphasis on him and therefore catches the eye as the rest of the colors are the same gray color of his pants. The picture would seem more effective to the eye if it were to be edited into a Instagram – classic style. The sunlight would then add even more dramatic effect. It could also be given a filter that ranges the color tone so that the subject could be in focus.

  3. StevenJaguar

    Steven and Jennifer.
    That jump though. Great job Scott you really captured the moment. The black and white contrast of the photo creates a grittier and more exciting image while the overall color scheme creates a wide contrast between the different colors. Also, the facial expression of the subject is priceless and creates a lighter tone in the image as if he is enjoying the fall of his life. The timing of this image also adds to the composition as the subject appears to be flying and observing the ground with zeal.
    The subject also appears to be higher than he actually is due to the angle of the camera and creates a more action filled image. However, the positioning of the sun makes the image appear to be lighter and blurred in the upper left corner. The image also has a lens flare that throws off the composition in the lower areas of the image.

  4. Rogers blog

    Roger Alexis Michael Per 6
    We all agreed that we like this for the following reasons. The sun creates more attention to the black and white picture. Also the facile expression of him jumping off. Also the stairs in the background also pop out for the countless black stairs. And the quality picture differs from a sharp body and blurred hands and the his face shows us his felling jumping off. What also stands out is that he looks like he’s flying in mid air.

  5. diego71

    Diego A Per 6
    The camera got the action quick when the subject was hopping over the stairs and got the subject in the air and how the subject did his expression when hopping over the stairs also did a great editing in the picture and how they made the picture into black and white instead of in color.

  6. moni55luna

    Monica Luna per 3
    I like this picture because he caught him jumping off the bleachers and caught the excitement in the picture. I like how he got the subject in the air it makes him look like he is flying or something. what I also like about this picture is the how the sun is in the background. I think his editing it pretty good. the image has kind of a lens flare that throws off the composition in the lower areas of the image. but other then that he captured the moment and its a really good picture.

  7. ramon123

    Ramon M. Per.2
    This picture looks really good the way he jumps of the bleachers really captures the action. His facial expression is pretty funny but in a good way. The black and white really brings out the action and texture of the picture which is amazing. The way he captured the light of the sun in the background goes good with the black and white background. How he captured the height of the jump really goes good with this action motion picture.

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