1. jamesmr11

    We really like this image. The way it blurs the flag makes it look cool. We like how you can see through the flag as it’s in motion. The lighting in the image is great as well. The way the flag leads into the picture makes it stand out even more, it is kind of off balance but in a good way.
    -James R. & Andy G.

  2. zbag

    We like this picture, because the American flag is the main subject. The flag pops out more, because even though it’s blurred out with the slow shutter speed and fast movement, the background is out of focus. We also like the way that the background colors are sort of dull and the flags color are more vibrant. We like how the flag has a line under it, because of the stick that the flag was on, but it doesn’t pop out, so it’s not a distraction.
    The only thing that we would change about this picture, is the light above the flag. It takes attention away from the flag. Other than that, everything goes with the picture. The chairs don’t take away any attention, because the flag stops right above them. We like how the flag is blurred, but not too bury, so you can see the stars and the stripes.
    -love Gaby Lopez, Samantha Fierro, and Daisy Martinez

  3. Anonymous

    We liked this picture because you can still see what the object is even when it is in motion blur. We think this image would’ve been better if the background was still sharp so it could keep the concentrate on the flag. The chair is a little distracting from the flag because it is right under the flag. You can also see some other things in back of the flag. We think the editing was really good because it had good contrast.
    We also like this picture because the subject is a little off to the side. The Shutter speed was very slow. They also had to use a tripod to shoot that slow.
    Miriam Munoz, Cameron

  4. moni55luna

    Monica Luna Per 3
    I like this picture because I liked how they captured the flag. I like this picture because the editing came out really nice and it makes the subject stand out. I also like how the flag is also off balance I like how their are chairs in the background and I dint think they are distracting I think it makes the flag stand out better. we can tell that the shutter speed was very slow and that they were using a tri pod. overall I think the photographer took s good image of motion blur.

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