1. myynightowl

    Vanessa Salas, Ariess Romero, Paloma Aguirre Period 3
    We like this picture because the story it gives off. It looks like the girl is being taunted or bullied or she is alone. Although we would’ve liked the picture better in black and white so it gave off a better story line. It would’ve looked better because it would’ve given it a more depressing look. We like how blurred the people came out that were moving and how the guy only looks like he has one foot.
    The only thing we would’ve changed about this picture is that it’s in color and maybe added a little more people to walk into it and give it a better effect. We also would have put more edit into the picture because it doesn’t looked edited at all. The expression of the girl also makes her look sad/bullied. Over all we enjoyed the photo.

  2. Roberto Rosas

    This picture captures my eyes because the subject seems to be depressed and everyone is walking by and not caring about her when inside she is probably hurting. The leading lines in the back ground on the wall also captures your eyes. I like this picture because I am in the picture and I am awesome. The subject looks really clear and has nice contrast.
    The picture is pretty good. I like the way that the people are walking and blurred I thought it was pretty cool. Another think I thought was pretty cool was the way she’s standing still. She stands still and it looks sharp. But when the others are walking they’re blurred.
    Roberto and Edward.

  3. ohsighhress

    Our team also really liked Paloma’s picture. Her picture has 2 figures that are a great example of blurred motion, while she is sharp in the center of the picture. the girl in the picture is really clear and you can see her face its not pixelated although she looks depressed or sad this could be a picture used for anti bulling or depression because it has a really strong message by just looking at the picture- Osiris, Chubs, Ulises

  4. yazmin1185

    This is one of the pictures that really captured my attention. The movement and how the girl is standing still with a blank expression really gives it a odd feeling to it. I think its pretty great because she really grabs the attention .She’s the main focus of the picture and it is pretty clear because the other to objects are blur. – Yazmin Torres

  5. adrianajinnks08

    We really liked this picture because it really captured our attention. The movement their is in this picture and how the girl in the picture is the main subject of the photo is really catchy. The girls face expression is really serious we like the feeling this image represents as if the girl felt sad inside and everyone’s passing by her without even noticing her. It really stands out how they blurred the other two people out in the picture and made her the main subject in the entire picture. This is a really cute picture.

    We really think it would of been better if the picture was black and white so it can give the picture a stronger feeling and meaning. Other then that its a really nice picture.

  6. shadowcanseco

    Seeing as how the focus is only on the girl, a sense of dramatization can be inferred. The photographer shows skill because they were able to blur the two guys but keep the girl sharp. The two men that are blurred can be distinguished as unimportant or irrelevant. It allows the viewer to focus on the girl and sets her as the main subject.

    Critiqued By: Shadow Canseco
    Jocelyn Partida

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