Gaby 1


  1. teresamel

    By Teresa Ngozi & Amity Period 5
    This photograph really captured our eye because of the intensity it gives off. The open space adds diverse meanings. One of them being that the subject has gone a long way and still has more to go. Another one being that the subject can be strong and is brave even in a huge world. No matter what the size and against anything, never give up.
    The subject also stands out by being bright in contrast to the gloomy background. Even with a large amount of background, our eyes look towards the center. The subject was captured in the right position as he was running. It is in place and not blurry. The leading lines also point towards him and add balance to bring it all together.

  2. officialxela

    This photo was really interesting because of how intense it is. How he is basically the only moving subject in this image. This image captures a viewers interest because the edited light makes our eye go straight to the motion. The sharpness of this photo was almost perfect. The contrast & lighting could’ve been more better but other then that it’s pretty good.
    Alex O. Moises C. Naty S.

  3. jessie1211

    The picture represents action in motion because the guy is running forward towards the other side of the field. I like how the photographer captured when he was running and it sort of looks like he is floating in the air. The effects the picture has helps create a vintage effect.
    -Pamela & Jessica.

  4. meecheell

    This photograph was taken in the action, and that’s what make this picture pop out to us. You can see him running mid air with a football. I Like how in the editing they have black corners to emphasize on the main subject which is him running.
    – Valerie M, Michelle K, Michell P.

  5. jazminesphotos

    By: Jazmine, Alondra, and Abby Period.6
    This shot is darkened making the audiences attention focus on the subject. The subject is brightened, and it looks like the subject is floating giving off a good illusion. It shows the passion for football. your shot has diagonal lines and your subject is a little off centered catching the eye even more. It shows good Depth of Field and it is an action sharp photograph. Good shot!

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