1. jessie1211

    I really like this picture because the photographer took the picture at the right time to make it look like she is jumping in the air.. The model looks really happy which makes the picture even better, I think that the photographer could’ve edit it a little bit more so it would’ve stand out more. After all this picture is really nice!!
    -Jessica O. Pamela A.

  2. thehomieandyy

    I really like this picture because the photo was taken at a perfect time. You can see her in mid-air and her facial expression. Other thing I really like is that there is no distraction in the background and we just focus on the model of the photo. One thing I don’t like about this picture is that it could’ve been edited better in photoshop. In general I think this picture is really good and it catches the viewers attention.
    Andy G James R

  3. s0ccerm0m

    This foo is on her way to steal yo gurl. , her face is like ‘so what, I don’t care’.
    And those boots , straight Versace killing the game hella jordans.
    And that army green jacket is fly I bet its made out of something expensive ill never have a jacket as fly as that.
    Everything is in focus and you know that’s cool. real cool

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