1. xenapadilla

    In Valerie’s picture Michelle’s expression is happy & excited. Her legs & Hair look very elegant. Captured her in the right moment to make her look sharp. The texture of her body makes her look like clay or a type of effect. We feel like she should of made the background more blurry and make her stand out more. She should had made the resolution more better or possibly change the effect. She should of photo shopped the pipe to make a less distraction.
    – Xena P. , Alysha N. , Savanna P.

  2. zbag

    We like this picture, because the subject was shot in the middle of doing something. It looks like she jumped, but at the same time, she looks like she was running. The way her hair is flying in the air, and not over her face makes this shot better. The picture has leading lines that lead our eye to look at her. The picture is in black and white, so it was even more appealing.
    The expression on the girls face also makes this shot a good one. The only thing that would make this picture even better than it is, would be to take away the things attached to the wall between her legs. They draw more attention to the bottom half of the picture, instead of her expression. This picture would also be better is the subject wasn’t so close to the wall, so then the wall would be blurred a little but more.
    -love Gaby Lopez, Samantha Fierro, and Daisy Martinez

  3. yazmin1185

    I really like this picture because the subject really grabs my attention. The way her face is expressed , it kind of makes you happy in a way. Her is also shows movement and it is what makes it look like an action shot. The one thing that would make this picture better would be if the image wasn’t in black in white. She looks like a happy girl so this picture should have a color to it. Its a contradicting picture . But other than that its a very great picture.

  4. paloma4

    Megan Rodriquez, Paloma Garibay, Roland plascencia period 5
    My group thinks your picture is a really good picture for selling the pants your wearing. Also your shoes but more then anything the pants. I like how the black and white effect makes the image seem as a memory. A memory that she’s remembering where she had fun. nice

  5. frankiedankie

    Brianna V. Frankie J. P.2
    We both enjoy this image because its not what you see everyday. The expression expressed on Michelle’s face seems lively and vivid. This image was well caught in the moment and the colors to really catch the eye it sorts of contradicts the happiness and the black and white color. Brianna also thinks her butt is big. OH.

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