1. Mellissa Patton & Alexis Riddlespriger

    The photo adeptly captures the subject. For instance, the subject does have a very appealing expression. Secondly, the pose of the subject captures a feeling of joy in the image. In addition, the colors in the image are very saturated. The bug’s eye view also adds to the composition of the image. The action being captured within the photo display an excitement that is conveyed to the audience, which benefits the overall success of the image.

    However, there are several distractions present in the background of the photo therefore weakening the composition strength of the image. For instance, the leaves in the upper-right hand corner distract from the subjects expression. Secondly, the white pole that leads up into Daniel’s body also subtracts from the composition.

  2. deeponce100

    in this picture not only did he capture the motion but he captured his expression. the vertical lines make it look cool. the way the sky fades in to a darker blue makes it nice to look at. it looks all natural like if you didn’t even edit it, but in a good way. the saturation of the piece is cool
    ~dee, Esperanza

  3. shadowcanseco

    The expression and action is funny so it draws attention. With the blue background and his light cloths reflect a sort of bliss and joy of life. He just seems so happy.
    Critiqued By: Shadow Canseco
    Jocelyn Partida

  4. StevenJaguar

    The expression of the subject is happy and creates a happier tone in the image. And the composition is mainly focused on the subject aside from the distracting objects in the background and foreground. For example, the tree leaves in the top corner may be taken out or cropped out of the image in order to improve.
    -Steven Jauregui And Jen Flores

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