Sept 8-16 Assignments

1. SURREALISM- due Tuesday, September 9

-Research online for the meaning of SURREALISM and post the definition of surrealism and one example of a surrealistic work of art or photograph. In 2 paragraphs, explain why you chose this image and what makes it surreal. Make sure to credit the artist!!

-Generate a creative idea to produce your own surrealistic image.

-Take a photo of someone or something and digitally put them in a place they do not belong. You will use the magnetic lasso tool and the mask to refine your selection. Then you will move your subject into another background. (You can use an image from the Internet for the background). When you complete your surrealism project, remember to save it as a .jpeg to post to your blog.

2. FRAME WITHIN A FRAME COMPOSITION- due Friday September 12

-Photograph at least 4 photos which show frame within a frame composition. Use any camera mode for perfect light metering.

-Edit your photos in Photoshop and post 2 photos as medium or large images (not a gallery!) to your blog with the technical info:  f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, camera mode, and lens focal length

-Write a 2-3 paragraph critique about YOUR OWN work.

3. MANDALAS- due Friday, September 12

-Create a new document in Photoshop 8×8  200 resolution

-Create 2 unique mandala designs using Photoshop shapes, paintbucket and gradient tools.

-Post both mandala designs to your blog.

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