Digital Photography 2 Assignments


1. “SPARTY Slideshow

Photograph and video life in the CTE classes at our school. (Audio Recording, Digital Photo, TV and Film, Theater, Stagecraft, and Computer Graphics. Edit your photos in Lightroom and Photoshop. Then make a slideshow in Lightroom with your images and video. We will look at all slide shows and vote on the best one to be used at our Sparty Awards on May 9.

2. Me and Myself

Read this link about the photographer that includes herself in childhood photos.

Bring in some photos from home and scan them into digital media. Then include yourself into the image with Photoshop. Make a SERIES of images for this assignment.



1. Deconstructed Landscapes

Try a new way to explore a landscape by creating a composite of multiple fragments of it that you’ve taken during a short walk. A 30 minute stroll is all you need. Keep your kit and settings simple, and don’t get bogged down with tripods, filters or complicated techniques. Shoot anything that catches your eye in Aperture Priority mode. When you’re back in class, create a grid in inDesign and assemble your selection of pictures. Make each photo the same size.


2. Bookface

Bookface involves strategically lining up a face or another body part alongside a book cover that features a matching body part so that there appears a melding of life and art. Librarians and other book lovers post these photos weekly on visual apps like Instagram, using the caption #BookfaceFriday. Take a few bookface photos, edit in LR or PH and make a series of 3-12 photos.(either in one document or as a gallery on your blog. Post some to IG with the hashtag.


3. Bodyscape

Take a photo of a part of the body. Edit appropriately. Take a photo of a person and position them as if they are walking or climbing. In PS put the photo of the person on the body photo and make it appear that they are walking or climbing on the body as a bodyscape.




1. A Day in the Life of Jurupa Hills High School

We will be working on a book called A Day in the Life of JHills, based on the book series “A Day in the Life of America.” Each team of two people will pick 5 pages to work on (shooting, editing and designing the 5 pages). The book will go from morning to after school time on one day. We will all be working on the book on Only one person can be on Shutterfly at a time working on their pages. When the book is complete we will order one copy for the classroom.

Read these articles and write a 10 sentence synopsis of them on your blog:

2. Contact Sheet

Photograph 30 strong photos of the same subject from different angles, and edit them in Lightroom. Then make a contact sheet of the images using Photoshop. Post to blog.

3. Inspiring Photographer Essay

Look online and find 1-3 photographers who inspire you. Write a 500 word essay and answer these questions:

-Why and how do they inspire you?

-Describe their style of photography and why you like it.

-What makes these photographers unique?

-Do they have any special techniques?

-How do they use social media to  make themselves known?



Assignments Due Tuesday, February 21

1. Cellphoneography

Take 10 candid street photos with your cell phone. Edit in your favorite camera mobile app and post 5 photos to your blog showing your ability as a street photographer. Post the names of the mobil apps you used for editing.

Find a street photographer online and post 2 of their photos to your blog with a paragraph about what you think is going on in the photograph and how it makes you feel when you view it.


2. Valentines Day Cards

Use Photoshop and at least one of your own images (per card) to make 2 different Valentines Day cards.  Make 2 5×7 300 res documents and include your imagery and  some sweet text on the cards.  Save on a flash drive and print out your valentines day cards at Walgreens or CVS. Give them to your favorite people.


3. Social and Political Issues in Art

Choose an issue you care deeply about, and would want to try and do something about. This issue should be something that is a general issue or concern in society somewhere in the world. Some ideas of things you might be interested in depicting/standing up for or against: pollution/environmental concerns, abortion rights, pro-life, racism, big government, homelessness, AIDS, religious wars,  poverty, verbal abuse, bullying, depression, teen suicide, discrimination, gay rights… Create a 11×14 300 resolution collage poster about the social issue you have selected.

Written Assignment:  Write about your poster. Answer a number of these questions in your writing.  Why do you feel the way you do? What are your arguments for or against?  What – or who – has influenced your decisions.  What is the “flip side” of your issue? What might the other side have to say? Can you see their point of view?  What is your reasoning for choosing your stand?  Is your artwork intended to offend? Who would be offended? Does the artist have a right to offend? Critique your project. Does it get your point across? How? Is there a focal point (center of interest)?


4. Georgia O’Keefe Illustration

Look at the amazing paintings by Georgia O’Keefe. Create your own illustration in Photoshop based on the close up work by this artist. Use brushes and color swatches to create your own digital art in the style of O’Keefe.



1. Photograph your favorite person at the school

Use bounced external flash off camera and sync cord, to take some nice portraits of your favorite person in the school. Edit in Lightroom and Photoshop and then post your best 8-10 portraits to your blog and website.

2. Graphic Black and White Series

Make a series of 4 graphic black and white images. Sample below


3.Your Photography Exhibit

Print 5-8 of your best photographs and mount on construction paper. Find a location in the school to put up your photography work. Make sure to make a sign with your name and website link to display with your exhibit.

 4. Couples

Photograph two people and explore the relationship between the two. Try to communicate their relationship visually. Shoot in studio or on location. Post a few to your blog and your favs to your website.






Pick something and try to get a collection of photos representing it.  For instance, pick a color and try to go all day photographing only red things, or try only getting pictures of things that are square when you’re on a walk.  Edit your photos using Lightroom. Have at least 12 photos in your collection and then make a series with your photos using three rows of 4 or 4 rows of 3.


Research album covers and post 5 ones you like on your blog with 3 sentences under each to convey why you enjoy viewing this album cover. Then,photograph a real band (or a fictional one) and then edit your photos in Photoshop or Lightroom. You will then make an album cover with your favorite photograph.. Make your document in Photoshop 12×12 300 res. Add text and post to blog.


Watch this tedtalk and on your blog write a three paragraph reflection summarizing it and also discuss your opinion and what you got out of viewing it.


Prepare a lesson to teach the class on a new technique, tool, or creative editing skill. Write out a lesson plan and prepare a demo to go with your lesson. Make a blogpost with your lesson, lesson plan and demonstration ideas.


Assignment Due Friday December 2:

  Photo Story with introduction and captions

5-10 photos that work together to tell a story. Have strong compositions and good image editing!!

Assignments Due Tuesday, December 12:

1. Future Reflection

Take a photograph of yourself looking in the mirror. Using Photoshop, put an image in the mirror how you see yourself in the future. Samples from photographer Tom Hussey below:


2. Fashion Photography

Research fashion photography online and post 3-5 commercial fashion photos you really love and which inspire you. Include a sentence or two under each describing why you like it. Using the studio or out on location, do a fashion shoot with one of your peers. Post 3-5 photos you shoot and edit and in the caption section list which magazines, or which stores you would be shooting for. Samples below:


3. Inspirational Photographer Essay and Re-create

Write a 500 word essay about one photographer who inspires you. Write about their background, inspirations, style of work, type of lighting they use, any interesting stories, and why they inspire you. Include some of their photography in your blogpost. After you complete the essay, re-create one of their photographs. Post your re creation along with the original from the photographer and write a short critique of your rendition compared to the original.





Create a series of photographs which work together to conceptualize a theme or story idea. You should have at least 5 beautifully edited photos in your series.  Make each photo a separate image  on your blog (no gallery or photomontage) and also on your website under a new tab labeled Photo Stories.

Write a caption for each photograph in the series. Also, write an introduction paragraph or two to begin the Photo Story. Include a description of what you are trying to communicate about the subject and why this subject matter interested you enough to dedicate your time and energy to visually share it on your social media sites. (ie: blog, website, facebook, instagram, etc)

Check  out these links  to get some good ideas for your project.



Make a photo screenprint on a tee shirt or article of clothing with your original image on it. Follow the steps in the screenprinting process to achieve the optimal results.




1. Inspirational Poster:

Design an inspirational poster  11×17 300 res. Use your own imagery in your poster.  Make up your own original inspirational text, or find some inspirational text from the Internet to include in your poster.

2. Review of article on Canon Lens Experience site

Check out the site first and then go to the Experiences tab. Read at least two of the online articles and review them on your blogsite (500 words).

 3. Raw vs. Jpeg Image Capture

Research the difference between shooting in RAW vs JPEG. On your blog write 2 paragraphs  comparing and contrasting raw vs. jpeg image capture.

4. Bodyscape Triptych

Photograph the human body with the hot lights and make a triptych image of your three favorite ones, which go together visually.




Read this online article about painting with light 

Also read this article about painting with light techniques

Write 2 paragraph reflection on your blog summarizing the article and what you learned from it.

Experiment with the light painting techniques, and post 3-5 photos you took and edited on you edublogs site.


Look at the work of Phillipe  Halsman and his jumping series photos. 

Also, check out this jumping series:

Photograph people jumping and create a series of 3 or more to post together in some way.


Look at the work of Julio Amaro online. He is a kinoptic artist. Research kinoptic art online.

Photograph two subjects that are polar opposites.

You will make your kinoptic piece in Photoshop by combining sections of each photo equally. Make each section 1/2 inch wide.

Then you will print your image 14×11 and fold it in a fan style to make the kinoptic piece. Photograph your work from every angle and post to your blog. Look at the samples below to start formulating ideas.




-Photograph a friend outside with natural light for a mock senior portrait session. Take at least 100 photos utilizing a variety of locations, poses and clothing choices.

-Upload your photos into lightroom and edit them. Do any digital retouching necessary to ensure your subject looks their best. Export as jpegs. Post at least 10 amazing portraits to your blog and website.


Use the strobes in the studio to photograph portraits. Edit in Lightroom and Photoshop ( for beauty and cosmetic retouching) Steps for beauty retouching in Photoshop below. Post all 10 on your blog as a gallery and 1-3 photos on your website on your Portrait Page.

Beauty Retouching steps:

Make a new blank layer on portrait photo. Fill with 50% grey. Put blend mode on soft light. To darken areas use the brush with Black. To lighten areas, use the brush with white. Make sure to use a low opacity when brushing areas. Blend skin to get flawless effect.


Take several photos of the same person, which show different emotions (ex: anger, frustration, happiness, hunger, etc…) Make a series of 9 photos within one document which show the difference in emotions. Post to blog.




Assignments Due Friday, Sept 23

  2.  LANDSCAPE WITH PAINTING EXTENSION OF IMAGE              Take 5 photos of a landscape at 3 different exposures. Make sure to use a tripod. In Photoshop use the HDR setting to combine all 5 images. (File>Automate>Merge to HDR) Add saturation to give an overall HDR effect. Print your landscape  8×10 or 10×8 and tape your print to an 11×17/17×11 paper and extend your photograph with paint to create a mixed media piece of photography and painting. (You can even paint on the photograph)  


  3. READ AND WRITE: Read this link on photography quotes by famous photographers and on your blog make a post about which quote and story you liked. Include a synopsis and why this quote and story behind it affected you.
  4. VIDEO REFLECTION: Watch this video about The Falling Man and on your blog, write a short reflection about how watching this video affected youin any way.

Assignments Due Tue, Sept 13


Read this link and write a detailed list on your blog of 20 ways to get inspired in your photography: 


Shoot 100 photos which show strong composition. Edit photos in Lightroom. Make a catalog. This will be your catalog all year. Upload photos into COLLECTIONS. After editing export images to a folder in your H drive. Post 20-30 of your best photos to your blog as a gallery and  at least 5 to your website.


Carve a design in a linoleum block and then ink and transfer it onto paper and then wood.




1. * Make a website for your photography portfolio. Use either

 2 * Also make a blogsite on edublogs ( )  to post your assignments for grading purposes. (Or use your current blog)

3.  * Read this online article and for your first blogpost answer these questions (click on the word article to get to link)

  1. What are aperture, shutter speed and ISO?
  2. When would you need to change your ISO
  3. What is aperture and shutter priority settings?
  4. What are AF modes?
  5. What is white balance and why would you need to change it?
  6. What are drive modes and metering modes?
  7. What is exposure compensation?

4.  Create a slide show in powerpoint or prezi on PHOTOS THAT INSPIRE YOU. Under each photo you select, explain why this photograph inspires you. Choose between 15 and 20 photos from online. You will present your inspiration slide show to the class.


FIRST SHOOTING ASSIGNMENTS: Complete 3 of the four assignments and post all three on your blog and website.

  1. MAN AND NATURE: Combine imagery of a portrait and nature to make a composite. Use Adobe Photoshop and your own images.


    2. SHALLOW DEPTH OF FIELD: Take new photos showing a shallow depth of field. Use the appropriate lens and aperture to attain this effect in camera. Post at least 3 photos showing shallow depth of field.


    3. IMAGE PROJECTION: Use the projector attached to the teachers computer to project an image or text onto a person.


    4. MIRROR IMAGERY: Take a photo of something very graphic and put it within a new document, resize and include either two or four images to create a mirror image effect.




Your Photography Business Powerpoint: (due Fri, March 11)

You will start a (pretend) photography business either by yourself as a sole proprietor. Create a Powerpoint Presentation to present to the class and include the items on the list below. (This assignment will count as 3 grades in your gradebook: 1- Your Powerpoint/ 2- Your Presentation/ 3- Your Business Card and Logo):

* Business Name and Logo (make a logo in Photoshop for your business. Research photo business logos online to get ideas)

* Your name as sole owner and your roles and job responsibilities. (ex: president, vice president, photographer, editor/retoucher, sales and marketing etc…)

* Where will you conduct your business?  (which state will you live, will you work out of your home or rent office space in which location)



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