Best of Framing Composition

Sept 8-16 Assignments

1. SURREALISM- due Tuesday, September 9

-Research online for the meaning of SURREALISM and post the definition of surrealism and one example of a surrealistic work of art or photograph. In 2 paragraphs, explain why you chose this image and what makes it surreal. Make sure to credit the artist!!

-Generate a creative idea to produce your own surrealistic image.

-Take a photo of someone or something and digitally put them in a place they do not belong. You will use the magnetic lasso tool and the mask to refine your selection. Then you will move your subject into another background. (You can use an image from the Internet for the background). When you complete your surrealism project, remember to save it as a .jpeg to post to your blog.

2. FRAME WITHIN A FRAME COMPOSITION- due Friday September 12

-Photograph at least 4 photos which show frame within a frame composition. Use any camera mode for perfect light metering.

-Edit your photos in Photoshop and post 2 photos as medium or large images (not a gallery!) to your blog with the technical info:  f-stop, shutter speed, ISO, camera mode, and lens focal length

-Write a 2-3 paragraph critique about YOUR OWN work.

3. MANDALAS- due Friday, September 12

-Create a new document in Photoshop 8×8  200 resolution

-Create 2 unique mandala designs using Photoshop shapes, paintbucket and gradient tools.

-Post both mandala designs to your blog.

Depth of Field

Assignments this week:

Photo 1: Assignments Due this Week:

1. Shadows and Light:  Due Monday posted on blog

- 2 Edited Photos showing strong SHADOWS and CONTRAST

-Technical Info with each photo:  f-stop, Shutter Speed, ISO, Mode

-A photo from the Internet showing shadows

-10 sentence writing critique about the Internet photo

2. Camera Modes: Due Tuesday posted to blog paragraph about what each camera mode does.

Read through this link on camera modes. On your blog make a new post writing 3 sentences about each camera mode.

3. Camera Angles: Due Friday posted to blog

- 4 Edited Photos showing different camera angles of the same subject (from above, below, strait on and tilted)

-Technical Info with each photo:  f-stop, Shutter Speed, ISO, Mode

-A photo from the Internet showing an alternative camera angle

-10 sentence writing critique about the Internet photo

4. Depth of Field Writing: Due Friday posted to blog

Write a one paragraph writing reflection about what is DEPTH OF FIELD and the ways to control DOF.

5. Watch this Tedtalk:  How photography connect us.

On your blog make a post  summarizing, critiquing, judging the video. Have at least 3 paragraphs.

Photo 2: Assignments Due this week

1. 10 Studio Portraits using the strobes

Edit in Lightroom and Photoshop ( for beauty and cosmetic retouching) Steps for beauty retouching on whiteboard. Post all 10 on your blog as a gallery and 1-3 photos on your website on your Portrait Page.

2. Raw vs. Jpeg Image Capture

Research the difference between shooting in RAW vs JPEG. On your blog write 10 sentences comparing and contrasting raw vs. jpeg.

3. 2-4 On Location Portraits with Bounced Off Camera External Flash

Take on location portraits using the external bounced flash off camera. Edit and post 2-4 on your blog and your website on your portrait page

4. Watch this Tedtalk:  How photography connect us.

On your blog make a post  summarizing, critiquing, judging the video. Have at least 3 paragraphs.


1st Shooting Assignment Best Images

Composition Assignment

Find 10 photos online which  show strong  composition. Put them all in one folder on your H drive in Digital Photo folder. Upload to blog and create a gallery. Write two sentences in the caption portion of the blog to convey which element of composition the picture displays. Post to your blog as a gallery.  DUE FRIDAY

Use this as a reference:



Monday, August 18

Photo 1

-Quiz on Exposure

-Digital Workflow

-Work on and complete entire Texture assignment. Due Tuesday

Photo 2

-Shoot for 100 Photos Assignment edited in Lightroom. Post 10-20 on your blog and your top few, add to your website. Due Wednesday

-Watch one of the Lightroom video tutorials on Adobe TV. On your blog, write a two paragraph reflection about what you learned about Lightroom tools and techniques.

Due Wednesday

-Continue to work on developing your website on


Look at some of the All About Me pages

-Interview Assignment

Think of 20 great questions to interview a new friend. Find someone in the class who you DO NOT know. Ask them your 20 questions and then on word write a 3 paragraph interview story about your new friend. Take a photo of them and upload that EDITED photo to Yearbook Ave in the  Yearbook Class folder within the Clubs and Organizations/Yearbook Folder. DUE WEDNESDAY

Friday, August 15

Digital Photo 1

Demo on Basic Image Editing in Photoshop

Edit all 5 Texture photos you shoot yesterday. Post your best 2 photos. Title the post “Texture Assignment”. Include technical info: f-stop, shutter speed, ISO and Camera Mode in the caption area when posting.

Find one great photo online and write a 10 sentence writing critique about that internet photo. Make a new post called Texture Writing Critique for your Internet photo and writing critique.

Critique Writing

 Digital Photo 2

Publish your website and give me the link to it TODAY!!

Email me your Inspirational Slideshow by the end of the period, or put it in my flashdrive [email protected]

Continue to shoot for assignment one 100 photos edited in Lightroom. Post 5-10 photos on your blog in your first post of the year. Include at least two of the photos on your new website. DUE ON TUESDAY, AUGUST 19


Discussion: What makes a good page spread layout??

Finish ALL ABOUT ME Page Spreads. Due at the end of the period for credit. If you are not done, you get a zero!

Next week:

Interview a new friend and present to the class (20 questions)

Begin to work on first yearbook spreads.